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Sow and Weaner is a complete source of nutrition for pigs throughout their life cycle which optimizes production.

  • This is a high quality feed formulated and fed to weaners, sows, breeding gilts and breeding boars
  • It Is incorporated with mycotoxin binders that improves digestibility and absorption.
  • It results to fast growth rate and quality lean meat development for the mature pigs.
  • Feed the pigs 3kgs of Uhai sow and weaner per day twice daily in ratios of 1.5kg each session.
  • Suckling sows feed between 4.5kgs to 5.5kgs per day depending on the litter size.
  • Our product is packaged in bags of 10 Kgs, 20 Kgs, 50Kgs & 70Kgs

We produce and distribute quality, affordable animal feeds across the country.